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IMAT is first nautical college for maritime personnel, It was born from evolution of IMA that from 2004 made basic training course for maritime personel. IMA and IMAT have trained in 18 months about 2000 maritime personnel. It's the only centre (in Italy) where it's possible to attend all the courses because you can find in the same place: classroom; simulator room; semi-olympic swimming pool; offices; hotel and restaurant; and a fire fighting field about 7000mq with a ship 75 meters long built on land.The ITALIAN MARITIME ACADEMY, has an its own BUS with 54 seats , that guarantee the trasport downtown for our students 24H a day completely free.
In IMAT is installed a simulator system about 250mq with 360 sight called Polaris built from KONGSBERG; its the only one in the world with a Dynamyc Positioning System. IMAT with this system is European Leader for training the maritime personnel with the highest standards of training.

Polaris Simulator
Swimmingpool for Survival and Rescue courses
Training Area for Firefighting, Mams, Mabev, Chute courses
The Hotel
The Logistics



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