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Polaris Simulator

Nowdays POLARIS represents the best technology has been produced in the maritime field as for the personnel training. Our simulator is on of the few existing in the world with a 360° sight and it is the most modern and technologically advanced currently in operation.
It's the only one in the world equipped with an integrated Dynamic Positioning System and it has the possibility to simulate any the ports of the world, more than 200 different types of ships, oilfields and oilrigs, salvage ship, planes and helicopters, fired ships or ships going to sink, all the possible weather conditions with a spectacular graphics which guarantees the reality into simulation and more else.

Watch the video of our Simulator

Entrance in the Port of Rotterdam
Entrance in Port of Naples

Polaris is the first European experience in its kind, and the least application to the world. Polaris allows to do all sophisticated training courses actually on the market; so to form all maritime personnel in IMAT at the best

Navigation in the Gulf of Naples with very rough sea
Navigation to Manatthan, near Liberty Island

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