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The greatest part of the accident at sea depends on human error and now, more than ever, there is the need to train maritime personnel in the best way.

Shipping companies need to rely on specialized centres for maritime personnel training, in order to assure themselves the best training standards either on board and ashore. At the Italian Maritime Academy (IMA) and at the Italian Maritime Academy Tecnologies (IMAT), we make sure that the maritime personnel is trained on the best way.

We can provide students with a wide range of courses; from Basic training to Advanced training for deck officer, engineer officer,petty officer and ratings. We are the only one in Italy to offer the best courses for the Offshore (i.e. Dynamic Positioning, OSV Code, Towing etc.). In addition we have at our disposal the best devices and simulators branded KONGSBERG-SIMRAD, our partner for the maritime training which guarantees training at the best level.

The IMA and IMAT have a full logistics service working 24 hours a day with a restaurant and a hotel inside their buildings. The IMA and IMAT (according to their customers needs) can arrange custom-made courses in order to guarantee and preserve the highest standards of training.

Chosing IMA and IMAT as your own partner means to train your personnel at the best. That' why our saying is: WE DON'T PROVIDE COURSES, WE TRAIN YOU CREW. The IMA can be considered the first nautical college for the Italian maritime personnel and it represents the evolution of all training centers placed in Italy.

It's the only centre where it's possible to attend all the courses because you can find in the same place: classroom; simulator rooms; semi-olympic swimming pool; offices; hotel and restaurant; and as fire fighting field, a ship 75 meters long built on land.

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