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Course : Offshore

We are the only ones in Italy and in the Mediterranean (very few in the world) to make courses for ships envolved in social operations, using Dynamic Positioning Systems

OSV (Code)

It is the code for operations with the 'supply vessel' and it is also the basic training for all the personnel
enbarked on the above mentioned units.

DP (dinamic position)

It is the Dynamic Positioning System, which enabled the ships to operate in every wind or sea contitions, remaining stopped in their position without the use of anchors.
The systems show all the ships's propellers( engine, fixed-blade screw propeller ,azimuthal screw e rudders),wich are steered by only a system from the navigation bridge.
The system allow to make special operations with submarine robots (ROV) with Divers, manoeuvres with special ships like Cables lay vessel, Pipe lay vessel, Dredges and Rock Dumpers.
We are the only ones to make operations in DP with 360° sight simulator class 1 and class 2 operations.
REQUIREMENTS:Navigation/Engine officer and the knowledge of the english language.

Scheme of the Dynamic Positioning System
How the system appears on board




That's how the scheme of a DP consolle is on the sight.
In it they are contained all the controls for the reference systems such as HPR LTW,FANBEAM,TOUTWIRE,GPS
ARTEMIS,all controls of the boarding sensors and all the display of the boarding systems so that the operator can always check the position and the status of the propellers.





Towing (operator)

It is the training for the personnel envolved in towing operations with the chance to simulate
simulate all the possible atmospherical and marine conditions and the firstaid in water in case of accidents
REQUISITI: Navigation Officer or Sailor.



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