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Management and Manoeuvre

Bridge Team Management

It's the training addressed to bridge team management of the ship, infact the commander and the officers are,
in rotation undergone to critical situations during the entrance and the exit from harburs and during high density
ship traffic.
We are the only one in Italy to develop this training on a 360° simulator POLARIS type.
Requirements: Navigating officer

Officer of watch(OOW) and watch personnel

Suitable to cadets (holding diploma), Officers and personnel working as guard on the bridge. It consists
in coastal navigation, navigation in deep water, pilot's boarding and disenbark, entrance and exit from harbour
included communication on board (in English).
Requirements: Navigation Officer or Sailor

Ship Manoeuvring and Management

We have the possibility to train officers on more than 200 different types of ships for the stop manoeuvre,
recover of survivor, squat, for the entrance end exit manoeuvres from harbors, dry docks, canals and rivers
either with single-screw hip or with the twin-screw one, in total absence of manoeuvring propeller and in
all the possible weather conditions.
Requirements: Navigation Officer


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