IMAT Training Center and Nautical College

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“ Il mare non ha paese nemmeno lui, ed è di tutti quelli che lo stanno ad ascoltare” - G. VERGA

In Castelvolturno (near Naples), there is an extraordinary place that gives to the sea a unique dimension.
The IMA (Italian Maritime Academy) and IMAT (Italian Maritime Academy Technolgies) is the Best Training Center for Maritime Personnel, Deck Officer, where the sea is considered like technology.

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L'IMA supply to traditional course so survival and salvage, it train maritime pesonnel to answer in all critical situation on board and ashore.
IMAT represents the technological side of the Training Center with the highest international standards for training.

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Tip of diamond of the Center is the POLARIS of the KongSberg Simrad, the simulator to 360°, where is possible to reproduce all metomarine conditions. It possible to virtualize any model of real ship with spectacular 3D effects.
It's ended the age of the “Old Wolf of the sea” that see the horizon and the sky and predicts what happening, nowadays all is advanced technology, and today we need to highly specialized crew for this type of job.

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