IMAT Training Center and Nautical College

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Normal Radar Observer

The officer are trained to the use of the radar, to the manual tracing of escaping manouvres and to the navigation in the fog, high density traffic and by night.
Requirements: Navigation Officer with a minimum of 6 mounths on board, Deck Cadet.

Arpa Radar

The officer are trained to the use of Arpa Radar, to adoption of escaping manoeuvres in high density traffic areas; to the use of the radar in separation schemes, during the navigation by night, to the automatic plotting and to the evaluation of all the possible cinematic condition.
Requirements: Radar Base Course

Arpa Sar Btw Radar

The officers are trained to do tasks of coordination and first aid, alone and with other ships, following the schemes of research and adopting recover manoeuvres.
Requirements: Radar Arpa Course

ECDIS (Operator)

During the 40 hours of course the officers will be trained in the use of the simulation system Transas Navi Trainer 5000 or SAM PLATINUM .
Every officer will control a Navi- Sailor 4000 ECDIS, Conning a console and a radar ARPA Module.
During the training participants will acquire basic factual knowledge of an Electronic Chart Display and Information System in terms of cartography , sensors , regulations, route planning , route monitoring and chart management.
Requirements: Official navigation

Type Specific ECDIS

After the certification ECDIS Operator, officers have the possibility to get the specific training on the equipment installed on board.
I.M.A.T. Srl trains officers on following systems :

  • Transas Navi Sailor 4000
  • Consilium ECDIS900
  • SAM 1100
  • SAM 9330
  • Sam Platinum
  • Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital ECDIS
  • Requirements:Certificate ECDIS (Operator )

    HSC (High Speed Navigation)

    It's the training addressed to personnel working on fast vassels in very busy areas, in entrance and exit from the harbours and according to the traffic separation schemes.
    Requirements: Navigation Officer or Sailor

    VTS (Beginning)
    VTS (Training)
    VTS (Training with Radar)

    It's the training for the personnel who works on the control of the traffic separation schemes. Mainly suit to radar operators and to the personnel at the coastal stations.
    Requirements: None

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