IMAT Training Center and Nautical College

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New: Security training

Establishment of instruction and training courses for shipboard personnel specifically designated to security duties and security-related awareness for all seafarers.
According to the “2010 Manila Amendments” to the STCW Convention, from 1st January 2014 all ranks of shipboard personnel, whether they are specifically designated to security duties on board or not, have to receive an adequate training in security matters.
IMAT training center is recognized by the Italian Coast Guard Headquarters to carry out the Maritime Security Courses.
Two new courses are established:
- “Training course on the minimum standard of competence for seafarers with designated security duties” – Mandatory for all persons engaged or employed on a seagoing ship which is required to comply with the provisions of the ISPS Code (14 hours)

- “Training course on security awareness for seafarer” - Mandatory for all seamen (5 hours)

For information and reservations, call the phone number 0039 – 081 - 5099303 or send an email to:

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